The governing body of football in Goa

GFA has around 205 clubs playing under the following leagues :

Goa Pro League

GFA First Division League

GFA Second Division League

GFA Third Division League

GFA TACA Goa Under 20 League Division One

GFA TACA Goa Under 20 League Division Two

GFA Under 18 League Division One

GFA Under 16 League Division One

GFA Under 14 League Division One

About GFA

Goa Football Association (GFA) is the governing body of football in Goa. It was constituted on December 22, 1959  as a body to strengthen the administration of football in Goa. Today GFA is one of the top state associations in the country with a state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong organization capabilities and high levels of professionalism in its operations and administration. This has resulted in regional and national domination of Goan teams and players in top leagues and tournaments across the country.

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